pub trait AsPrimitive<T>: 'static + Copy where
    T: 'static + Copy
{ fn as_(self) -> T; }
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A generic interface for casting between machine scalars with the as operator, which admits narrowing and precision loss. Implementers of this trait AsPrimitive should behave like a primitive numeric type (e.g. a newtype around another primitive), and the intended conversion must never fail.


let three: i32 = (3.14159265f32).as_();
assert_eq!(three, 3);


In Rust versions before 1.45.0, some uses of the as operator were not entirely safe. In particular, it was undefined behavior if a truncated floating point value could not fit in the target integer type (#10184).

let x: u8 = (1.04E+17).as_(); // UB

Required Methods

Convert a value to another, using the as operator.

Implementations on Foreign Types