pub trait WrappingNeg {
    fn wrapping_neg(&self) -> Self;
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Performs a negation that does not panic.

Required Methods

Wrapping (modular) negation. Computes -self, wrapping around at the boundary of the type.

Since unsigned types do not have negative equivalents all applications of this function will wrap (except for -0). For values smaller than the corresponding signed type’s maximum the result is the same as casting the corresponding signed value. Any larger values are equivalent to MAX + 1 - (val - MAX - 1) where MAX is the corresponding signed type’s maximum.

use num_traits::WrappingNeg;

assert_eq!(100i8.wrapping_neg(), -100);
assert_eq!((-100i8).wrapping_neg(), 100);
assert_eq!((-128i8).wrapping_neg(), -128); // wrapped!

Implementations on Foreign Types